CD "Robert Groslot: Matrix in Persian Blue" Works for and with String Quartet

Liesbeth Devos, Soprano – Jan Michiels, Piano –
Asasello Quartet (String Quartet)

Robert Groslot: Matrix in Persian Blue - Works for and with String Quartet

Matrix in Persian Blue - Works for and with String Quartet

The Belgian Robert Groslot had made a name for himself as an outstanding pianist and excellent conductor before distinguishing himself more and more as a composer. In recent years, he has created an extensive oeuvre with playful ease, characterized by supreme mastery and originality and vacillating with mercury-like flexibility.
Known as an exceptional master of effective orchestration, he proves that he does not need any outward means at all to captivate his audience, especially when it comes to the medium of the string quartet, and shows with his concentration on what is essential and the dynamics of deeply felt formal poetry that he worthily continues the long line of the immortal tradition of Western music as a truly cosmopolitan, great composer.

The excellent musicians Liesbeth Devos (soprano), Jan Michiels (piano) and the Asasello Quartet (String Quartet) raise this World Premiere Recordings to a new level, that from now, the audience should listen much more often to such kind of comtemporary music!

[...] The most baffling fact about Robert Groslot is the simultaneity of continuous originality and seemingly limitless diversity of his music. In our time, there exist hardly any composers who are able to shape complex processes with such clarity resulting in such playful and humorous pieces – a totally natural aspect of Groslot’s tonal language who at the same time always communicates on a profounder level.
(Extract of the CD booklet)

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CD Review and Tip, Germany/international (15.07.2019)

Album Review and Recommendation
»[...] This is surely one of the most interesting and unusual set of pieces I’ve heart in a long time!«
THE ART MUSIC LOUNGE, UK/international (June 17, 2019)

CD Review and Recommendation, Germany/international (June 26, 2019)

CD Review and Tip
musicalifeiten.n, BeNeLux/international (06/2019)

Presentation and CD Recommendation
Culture Journal Bavaria/Germany (06/2019)

Presentation and CD Recommendation, Germany/international (06/2019)

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Magazine "Kultur-ArTour, Germany (3-19)

CD programme (Tracklist):

Robert Groslot (*1951) - Matrix in Persian Blue

Ce lac dur oublié que hante sous le givre...
for Piano and String Quartet
• Jan Michiels, Piano • Asasello Quartet •

Le bel aujourd‘hui
four poems by Stéphane Mallarmé for Soprano and String Quartet
1 Angoisse
2 Rêve antique
3 Brise marine
4 Le vierge, le vivace et le bel aujourd‘hui
• Liesbeth Devos, Soprano • Asasello Quartet •

Matrix in Persian Blue (2 movements)
for String Quartet
• Asasello Quartet •

World Premiere Recordings

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