CD "Quinary – 5 new Works für Clarinet & Harp"  

Duo Imaginaire —

John Corbett, Clarinet & Bassclarinet and Simone Seiler, Harp

Duo Imaginaire: Quinary - 5 new Works für Clarinet & Harp

Redel - Zabel - Heucke - Birkenkötter - Hahne

The five works presented here, all premiere recordings (new CD TXA13035, 2014), were initiated by the Duo Imaginaire: John Corbett, Clarinet & Simone Seiler, Harp and given their world premiere performances in 2012/13.
A quinary structure arises through the shared relationship of the five composers (Redel, Zabel, Heucke, Birkenkötter, Hahne) to the federal state of Westphalia in Germany. Despite this, the composers could hardly differ from each other more, both in style and in character. From melancholia and jocular high spirits to dramatically explosive outbursts, these works offer new forms of expression that take this rare sonic combination to the limits - supported by new playing techniques and effects.

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CD Programme / Tracklist:

Quinary – 5 new Works für Clarinet & Harp

Martin Christoph Redel (*1947)
"Arparinetto" - Tre pezzi per clarinette ed arpa, Op. 71
Mobile – Fantasia – Moto perpetuo

Frank Zabel (*1968)
"Von fremden Moosen und Gräsern" - For Clarinet and microtonal Harp

Stefan Heucke (*1959)
"Serenata malinconica" - For Clarinet (in A) and Harp, Op. 67

Jörg Birkenkötter (*1962)
"why Tristan?" - Nocturne for Bass Clarinet and Harp

Dietrich Hahne (*1961)
"Metanoia" - For Clarinet, Harp and Tape

World Premiere Recordings | CD Album: First release!

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