CD "J. S. Bach - Musical Offering" Musikalisches Opfer BWV 1079

Ensemble Barockin': Kozue Sato, Flauto Traverso - Dmitry Lepekhov, Baroque Violin - Lena Kaidanovska, Baroque Violin - Pavel Serbin, Baroque Cello / Viola da Gamba - Felix Stross, Baroque Cello / Violoncello Piccolo - Francis Jacob, Harpsichord

Bach - Musikalisches Opfer / Musical Offering - Ensemble Barockin'

TYXart series "Early Music": Johann Sebastian Bach's "Musikalisches Opfer" BWV 1079

"Nicht Bach, sondern Meer sollte er heißen!" Ludwig van Beethoven
(Translator’s note: "It's not Bach he should be called, but Meer!" In German, this is a play on words: "Bach" means brook and "Meer" means sea.)
The "Musical Offering" collection of pieces, dedicated to the Prussian King, Frederick II, is a contrapuntal masterpiece, in which Johann Sebastian Bach seems to draw every conceivable facet from a single theme (Thema Regium – royal theme). It is a musical testament of the old master, full of freshness, creativity and original quality – like an endless sea.
With this recording, Ensemble Barockin’ presents a musically careful and genuinely new interpretation.

Ensemble Barockin' is an international ensemble with musicians from Russia, France, Germany and Japan who are committed to performing early music in the original sound.

The design of the front cover was created by artist, photographer and graphic designer Marc Köschinger. The cover shows a long time-exposure of the ocean. The picture was exposed at night over a longer period of time, so that it defines neither space nor time, something the musicians of Ensemble Barockin' particularly liked for this very special recording of this work by Bach.
Music without space and time like a reverberation of the universe – for this, Marc Köschinger added a Morse code to the text on the cover that makes the composer's name sound through space like an echo.
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"Klassik Heute" CD Review & Recommendation!
»Artistic Quality / Sound Quality / Overall Impression: Max. Score!«, Germany/international (Aug 2020)

CD programme / Tracklist:

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
Musikalisches Opfer BWV 1079 (1747)

Regis Iussu Cantio Et Reliqua Canonica Arte Resoluta
Ricercar a 3 (Hrps)

Canon perpetuus super Thema Regium (Fl, Vn*, Vc)

Canones diverse sopra Thema Regium
Canon 1, a 2 cancrizans (2 Vn)
Canon 2, a 2 Violini in unisono (2 Vn, Vc**)
Canon 3, a 2 per Motum contrarium (Fl, Hrps)
Canon 4, a 2 per Augmentationem, contrario Motu (2 Vn, Va da G)
Canon 5, a 2 per Tonos (Vn*, Hrps)

Fuga canonica in Epidiapente (Fl, Vn*, Vc)

Quaerendo invenietis
Canon a 2 (Vc P, Vc)
Canon a 4 (2 Vn, 2 Vc)

Sonata sopr’il Soggetto Reale á Traversa, Violino e Continuo (Fl, Vn*, Vc, Hrps)
I. Largo
II. Allegro
III. Andante
IV. Allegro

Canon perpetuus (Fl, Vn*, Vc)

Regis Iussu Cantio Et Reliqua Canonica Arte Resoluta
Ricercar a 6 (Hrps)

Ensemble Barockin’
Kozue Sato Flauto Traverso (Fl)
Dmitry Lepekhov * Baroque Violin (Vn)
Lena Kaidanovska Baroque Violin (Vn)
Pavel Serbin Baroque Cello (Vc), Viola da Gamba (Va da G)
Felix Stross ** Baroque Cello (Vc), Violoncello Piccolo (Vc P)
Francis Jacob Harpsichord (Hrps)

Instruments etc. can be found in the CD Booklet.

This Record is also available as LP/Vinyl (Order No. TXA19137)

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