CD "Fantasia Bellissima" The Lviv Lute Tablature - Premiere Recordings for Lute

Bernhard Hofstötter, Lute


Fantasia Bellissima - Bernhard Hofstoetter, Lute

Works by Anonymous, Dowland, de Sermisy, Sandrin, Pacoloni, de Berchem, Dalza, Jannequin und Bakfark (Premiere Recordings)

In 1937, a Viennese antiquarian sells a comprehensive lute tablature, which then ends up in Lviv in today‘s Ukraine. For decades, the tablature is out of reach and subject to wild speculation.
Today, it once again reveals European Renaissance masterpieces, presented here on this CD as World Premiere Recording, finest played by Lutenist Bernhard Hofstoetter.

Hofstoetter’s lute playing has been described as “adeptly combining technical ease with a masterful sense of phrasing" (Lute Society of America) and demonstrating “a refined rhythmic sensibility and understanding” (International Record Review).

The recordings on this CD offer the spectacular opportunity to take a look into the workshops of the lutenists in the Polish-Lithuanian region in the 16th century. The Cracow Lute Tablature is a comprehensive manuscript with a wide variety of handwritten entries: In addition to lute pieces in French tablature on printed staves, there are 29 Latin aphorisms, graphic patterns and ornaments, 21 depictions of hands, practical commentary regarding performance, as well as Polish poetry, some of which has been written on sheets without staves. Besides two lost sources, namely the Lautentabulatur Mychel Yndern (about 1536) and the Lautenstammbuch des Burggrafen Achatius zu Dohna (1550–1552), the manuscript is the only lute tablature manuscript from the Polish-Lithuanian region. Its earliest entries probably originated around 1550, although the practices used point to the early 16th century. The times of origin of the different parts of the manuscript range from before 1553 to the early 17th century. At least five authors were involved in its production over time. [...]
(Extract of the CD Booklet)

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ICMA - Nomination, Category "Early Music"!
International Classical Music Awards - ICMA, international (2019/2020)

GlobalMusicAwards - Winner!
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval", USA/international (08/2019)

Album Review and Recommendation!
»[...] Bernhard Hofstötter’s lute playing is superb, as is the sound of his Renatus Lechner seven-course lute [...]«, Canada/international (December 2019 – January 2020)

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»La Clef«
ResMusica, France/international (08/2019)

Klassik Heute Recommendation!
Classification: In all Categories (Artistic Quality / Sound Quality / General Impression) max. Points!, Deutschland/international (06/2019)

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Magazine "AKUSTIK-Gitarre", Germany/international (6-2019)

CD Review and Recommendation!
Musicalifeiten, The Netherlands/BeNeLux (online 06/2019)

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Magazine "AUDIO", Germany/international (08/2019)

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ORF, Radio OE1, Broadcast "DesCis", Austria/international (07/2019)

"A musical greeting from a distant time"
Newspaper "Recklinghäuser Zeitung", Deutschland/international (07/2019)

CD-/LP Review and Recommendation!
»[...] Hofstoetter lets the pieces blossom in the most beautiful and richest timbres. The playing time of less than three quarters of an hour may have turned out to be somewhat spartan for the CD format. Alternatively, audiophile vinyl fans will also get their money's worth.«
Magazine "RONDO", Germany/international (08/2019)

CD programme / Tracklist:

Fantasia Bellissima - The Lviv Lute Tablature

01 Anon. Tarzeto
02 John Dowland (1563-1626) A Fancy
03 Anon. Pavan
04 Claudin de Sermisy (about 1490-1562) Le content est riche
05 Pierre Sandrin (about 1490-about 1561)
06 Anon. Tantum ergo sacramentum
07 Anon. La rocha el fuso
08 Giovanni Pacoloni (16th century) Fantasia bellissima
09 Jacquet de Berchem (about 1505-about 1565) O s‘io potessi donna
10 Joan Ambrosio Dalza (fl. 1508) Pavana alla Ferrarese
11 Anon. Passo e mezo
12 Anon. Saltarello
13 John Dowland Forlorn Hope Fancy
14 Anon. Passamezo
15 Anon. Ferdinanth
16 Anon. Pasomeza
17 Anon. Tripla
18 Clément Jannequin (about 1485-1558) Or vien ça, vien
19 Valentin Greff Bakfark (about 1507-1576) Non dite mai
20 Anon. Tarzeto

World Premiere Recording

This Record is also available as LP/Vinyl (Order No. TXA18116)

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» Detailed CD booklet includes further info (bios, photos, etc.)
» Total playing time: 41min 51sec | Booklet Text: DE, EN, FR, JP
» Recording: 02/2018 - Palace Colditz/Germany
» Format: 1 Audio CD | Series "Early Music" | RD int'l from 07/0219
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