CD "Tom Woods: The Carnival of the Dinosaurs" A musical fairytale

Rachel Teear (Narrator) — Freddy Kempf (Piano 1) — Natalia Woods (Piano 2)


Tom Woods: The Carnival of the Dinosaurs - A musical fairytale

Tom Woods: The Carnival of the Dinosaurs
A musical fairytale

Tyrannosaurus Regina is the tyrant Queen of the dinosaurs and preparations are underway for the Carnival celebrating her birthday. Always suspicious, she sends out spies to observe her subjects including a melancholy Brontosaurus, partying Triceratops and a tattooed Ankylosaurus. But perhaps the real threat comes from the Pterodactyls above?

"The Carnival of the Dinosaurs" is a musical fairytale that will delight listeners and readers young and old. Narrated and interpreted by Rachel Teear (Narrator), Freddy Kempf (Piano 1) and Natalia Woods (Piano 2).

Many thanks to Peter Engel for the great illustrations of the musical motifs.

Thomas J. Woods is an Australian composer and conductor. Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1969 to Australian parents he spent his childhood in Perth, Western Australia. He studied cello, piano and conducting and completed a BMus in Conducting at the West Australian Conservatorium of Music. He studied conducting at the Gnessin Institute, Moscow, with Vladimir Ponkin 1989-1990 and has a PhD from the University of Sydney. One of Australia’s most experienced operatic conductors he has conducted hundreds of performances for Opera Australia over more than twenty years.
Since 2014 he has lived in Regensburg, Bavaria, where he conducts for Theater Regensburg. He has composed numerous works including "The Carnival of the Dinosaurs".

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This album is also available as an German-language version “Karneval der Dinosaurier” (Ord. No. TXA23178).


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»... a good introduction to the classical music idiom for the new generation.«
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CD Programme / Tracklist:

Thomas J. Woods: "The Carnival of the Dinosaurs"
A musical fairytale

01: Introduction
02: Brontosaurus
03: Stegosauruses
04: Triceratops and Ankylosaurus
05: Pterodactyl
06: Velociraptors
07: Tyrannosaurus Regina

CD Album: First release & premiere recording!

Keywords: Tom Woods Carnival Dinosaurs Rachel Teear Freddy Kempf Natalia Woods Piano

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