CD "Silencium cordis" Works for Soprano Saxophone and Piano

Hermann Weindorf, Piano/Percussion/Keyboards

Berthold Weindorf, Soprano Saxophone

Silencium cordis - Weindorf and Weindorf

Silencium corids - Hope in times of isolation

A duo project with Soprano Saxophone and Piano/Keyboards
Musically between Jazz, Minimal Music & Classical Music
A rather "Meditative Regalia" for people who are searching for "Mindfulness" and for the "SILENCE OF THE HEART" ......

The Musicians write about their new album:

The starting point for SILENCIUM CORDIS was the Greek term of wisdom HESYCHIA
The term means CALMNESS or SILENCE ......

HESYCHIA is associated with the ideas of Serenity and Inner Peace ......
It is Contemplation as a Way of Life

The Path of Mindfulness
Mindfulness - towards life and towards fellow human beings. This level is important for every human being. It is decisive for the shaping of life itself and therefore also for living together in partnership, in the family and also at the workplace.
It determines the quality of communication, helps when it comes to feelings but also to injuries.
It enables and strengthens the understanding for our fellow human beings par excellence. It prevents on the the opposite, the slide into isolation.
Another point is the recognition, the perception of inner and outer circumstances that can influence and change our life – in a gentle or powerful way.

(extracts of the CD digipack)

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CD programme / Tracklist:

Hope in Times of Isolation 03:57
02 Fragments of Understanding 03:45
03 Tryin‘ to find Answers 03:41
04 Lead me beside Still Waters 03:27
05 Open Questions 03:45
06 Deafening Silence 3:50
07 And the Angel came 03:33
08 The Path of Mindfulness 04:16
09 A New Horizon 04:05
10 Pathetique 04:42
11 Rûah 03:10
12 Mysterious Traveller 04:19

*** Premiere Recordings ***

Hermann Weindorf
Piano, Percussion, Keyboards, Compositions, Arrangement

Berthold Weindorf
Saxophone, Tonmeister

Tags: Silencium cordis Hesychia Hope Saxophone Piano Weindorf

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