CD "Dialogues" Works for Violin Duo and Reciter

Duo ASAP: Almuth Siegel and Ágnes Pusker, Violins –

Stefan Hunstein, Recitation

Dialogues - Duo ASAP: Almuth Siegel and Agnes Pusker

Dear Listener,

With this CD we invite you to lend an ear to the varied dialogues that so greatly enrich our lives. We engage not only with other people, but also with the ideas of previous generations and their creative achievements. Each epoch speaks its own language. As an ensemble we experience musical dialogue as an essential form of artistic expression; in our rehearsals, it would be impossible to come together without an exchange of points and counterpoints.

It is a privilege to engage in living dialogue with the composer of a work. We are truly delighted that two contemporary Munich-based composers, Wilfried Hiller and Wolfram Buchenberg, have written pieces for our duo, which we are now presenting on our debut CD.

The death 2000 years ago of Ovid, the poet of the "Metamorphoses", served as the occasion for Wilfried Hiller to write a cycle of eighteen violin duos for us. The pieces not only initiate a dialogue with many different generations of writers and poets (from Hans-Christian Andersen to Rainer Maria Rilke to Michael Krüger), but we as musicians and actor Stefan Hunstein as the narrator also interact with each other, offering points and counterpoints in a dialogue between music and language.

Wolfram Buchenberg's "Saitentänze" are a tribute to our love of nature. The musical depictions of dancing elves, fairies, and "wild women" have thrilled our audiences during many a "forest concert" of the Duo ASAP.


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SÜDWEST PRESSE, Dr. Burkhard Schäfer (Sept 19, 2018)

CD Review and Tip
das Orchester Magazine (1/2019, p. 73)

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»[...] extremely exciting, powerful, expressive!«, Guido Krawinkel (Oct 26, 2018)

CD Review and ♪♪♪♪♪ Recommendation!
»[...] Duos for two violins are rare in the daily concert life. The Duo ASAP has the merit of closing this gap with a chock-full disc of such works from four centuries, including contemporary composers. The various works are presented in electrifying performances.« (11/2018)

CD Programme (Tracklist):

Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda (1801–1866)
Duett für zwei Violinen op. 181 Nr. 1 / Duet for two Violins Op. 181 No. 1
Allegro vivace – Adagio – Allegro assai 09:48

Anonymous (1646)
Bicinium für 2 Violinen / Bicinium for 2 Violins: Fantasie 02:08

Orlando di Lasso (1532–1594)
Bicinium für 2 Violinen / Bicinium for 2 Violins: Fantasie 01:55

Carl Orff (1895–1982)
Spiel- und Tanzstücke für zwei Geigen
Nos. 6, 10, 28, 19, 23, 29, 30 06:45

Max Zenger (1837–1911)
Sonata für zwei Violinen komponiert im alten Stil für König Ludwig II. von Bayern /
Sonata for two Violins Composed in Ancient Style for King Ludwig II of Bavaria 03:54

Robert Fuchs (1847–1927)
Phantasiestücke für 2 Violinen op. 105 / Fantasy Pieces for 2 Violins Op. 105
No. 5 Etwas bewegt – No. 2 Anmutig bewegt – No. 16 Getragen, ausdrucksvoll 08:25

Wolfram Buchenberg (*1962)
Saitentänze für 2 Violinen ** / String dances for 2 Violins **
Elfentanz – ... aus gläserner Stille – Tanz der wilden Weiber 09:19

Wilfried Hiller (*1941)
METAMORPHOSEN für einen Sprecher und zwei Violinen ** /
METAMORPHOSES for one Reciter and two Violins ** 37:35

** World Premiere Recordings
Album: First Release!

Digipack 6-sided incl. Booklet 24 pages, multilingual

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Duo ASAP, Violins
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