CD "Solang Du lebest, ist es Tag" As long as you live, the day remains - New Songs from Old Poetry

Gesche Geier, Soprano - Hans Martin Gräbner, Piano


Solang Du lebest, ist es Tag - Geier & Graebner

Series "Modern Classics" - Lieder by Hans Martin Gräbner (Premiere Recordings)

A recital with lieder by only one composer are rare – for the creator of the music to still be alive and sit at the piano himself is even rarer.
The soprano Gesche Geier, accompanied by the composer, interprets three lieder cycles written between 2011 and 2013.
The first part takes the listener through the seasons and the course of life – the second, short cycle is an homage to Franz Liszt – the third part is permeated by a Masonic spirit.
The range of the texts includes the Italian Trecento and German Romanticism as well as German writer Kurt Tucholsky. The music never strays outside the bounds of tonality, with short excursions into twelve-tone music, and is always something you can listen to, while often unexpected.
Critics have certified the lieder “their own, free tonal musical language and a clear from that is in itself a unified whole due to the motif references” (Newspaper Mittelbayerische Zeitung) and a “magnificent format” (Newspaper Nordbayerischer Kurier).

Hans Martin Gräbner: Interview
WDR 3 TonArt Broadcasting Corp. Cologne (07 July 2015)

»CD Tip!« (online, 18 June 2015)

CD programme (Tracklist):

Solang Du lebest, ist es Tag - Ein Liederzyklus für BL
Er ist´s
Um Mitternacht
Ein Blatt aus sommerlichen
Über die Heide
Der Einsiedler
Der Türmer

Drei Sonette nach Petrarcas „Canzoniere“
Sonett 33 Gia fiammegiava l´amorosa stella
Sonett 167 Quando Amor
Sonett 274 Datemi pace

Drei mal Drei Lieder - nach Tucholsky, Heine und Goethe
Mit einem japanischen Gott
Du liegst mir so gern im Arme
Natur und Kunst
Wandrers Nachtlied

World Premiere Recordings

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