CD "Ay, amor" about Love, Desire and Passion

Duo Arcadie —

Franziska Markowitsch, Mezzo-soprano and Ulrike Merk, Classical Guitar

Duo Arcadie: Ay, amor

de Falla - Rodrigo - Vásquez - Ruiz-Pipó - García Lorca - Mompou - Narváez -
Sephardic Songs

Fiery Spanish temperament, deep emotions and Mediterranean atmosphere are presented on this recording by the "Duo Arcadie" for voice and guitar. Franziska Markowitsch (Mezzo-soprano) and Ulrike Merk (Classical Guitar) display a wide spectrum of Spanish music, with compositions for vihuela from the Renaissance by Luys de Narváez and Juan Vásquez, Joaquin Rodrigo's timeless subjects, García Lorca's flamenco-flavoured musik, and "Siete Canciones" and "Cancion y Danza" by Manuel de Falla and Antonio Ruiz-Pipó, who were both influenced by French impressionism.
Sephardic songs in the Mozarabic dialect have been kept alive in exile for 500 years, and provide a "missing link" in the Spanish musical tradition. Two premiere recordings complete this kaleidoscope of works from the past and present: Federico Mompou - "Canción y Danza (Sobre dos Cantigas del Rey Alfonso X) para guitarra" and "Sephardic Songs", arranged by Ulrike Merk that will be published by Doblinger Vienna to coincide with the release of this CD.

»Interpretation, Sound and Repertoire: 4 Stars ****« (18 May 2013)

»[...] Lots of sharp strumming, minor keys and ruminations on lost love. Markowitsch’s style of singing is beautifully unpretentious. She has just the right unhurried manner and atmospheric inflections for these Mediterranean gems. [...] I loved the two sets of traditional Jewish Sephardic Songs, arranged by the performers themselves. "Three Spanish songs" by Joaquin Rodrigo will make you think of his famous "Concierto de Aranjuez" for guitar. [...] I love Merk’s free, whimsical approach. This disc was designed as a tribute to a brief, utopian situation that supposedly existed in Spain in the Middle Ages, when Christians, Muslims and Jews are said to have lived peacefully side by side.«
The Buffalo News - Listening Post, M.K.G. (20 July 2013)

CD Tip, newspaper 'Frankenpost' (09 August 2013)

»5 Stars! ***** A real treat!« (online, 27 May 2014)

CD Programme:

¡Ay, amor! - de amor, nostalgia y pasión

Sephardic Songs (Arr.: U. Merk) *
Los Bilbilicos - Adío querido - Yo m'enamori d'un aire - Como la rosa en la güerta - A la una yo nací

Federico García Lorca (1898–1936)
from / aus: Canciones españolas antiguas:
Las morillas de Jaén - El Café de Chinitas - Las tres hojas - Nana de Sevilla - La Tarara - Zorongo - Sevillanas del siglo XVIII

Joaquín Rodrigo (1901–1999)
Tres canciones españolas:
En Jerez de la Frontera - Adela - De ronda

Federico Mompou (1893–1987)
Canción y Danza (Sobre dos Cantigas del Rey Alfonso X) para guitarra *

Juan Vásquez (1500–ca.1560)
De los álamos vengo, madre

Luys de Narváez (ca.1500–1555)
Paseábase el Rey moro (Arr.: U. Merk)

Sephardic Songs (Arr.: U. Merk) *
Arvoles lloran por lluvias - Mi Coracón - Avre tu puerta cerrada - Por la tu puerta

Antonio Ruiz-Pipó (1934–1997)
Canción y Danza No.1 (1961) para guitarra

Manuel de Falla (1876–1946)
Siete Canciones Populares Españolas:
El paño moruno - Seguidilla murciana - Asturiana - Jota - Nana - Canción - Polo

* World Premiére Recording

CD Album: First release!

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Further information:
Duo Arcadie
Franziska Markowitsch
Ulrike Merk

The "Sephardic Songs" have been published at Doblinger and are available as sheet music (Ord.No. 08-00953/ISMN 9790012202189):

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