Sax & Moritz A boys‘ story in seven pranks by Wilhelm Busch...

Timothy Sharp, Baritone

Deutsches Saxophon Ensemble


Max and Moritz: A boys‘ story in seven pranks by Wilhelm Busch
in a setting for baritone voice and saxophone quartet by Guido Rennert

Chromart Classics

Integrated into an Introduction, Overture and Epilogue, Guido Rennert has succeeded in creating a thoroughly gripping realisation of the seven pranks by Wilhelm Busch, allowing the well-known images to reappear anew in the mind‘s eye of the listener. This is an exciting, large-scale opera that thrills children and adults alike, cast in the most economical of possible performing forces - quartet and one singer - revealing true compositional mastery.
These are some of the interesting and exciting aspects -included in the booklet - that allow the adult CD-listener to re-experience anew the well-known pictures and rhymes from childhood days.
Children, unburdened by all these ideas, will also continue to enjoy the merry pranks whilst simultaneously finding access to music.

»Recommended by VdM - Verband deutscher Musikschulen« LEOPOLD 2013/2014 - Gute Musik für Kinder

CD programme:

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World premiere release, first recording!

» Detailed CD booklet includes further info (bios, photos, etc.)
» Total playing time: 38min 02sec | Booklet Text: DE, EN (24 p.)
» Format: 1 Audio-CD | "Chromart Classics" | Release: 07/2012
» Order No.: TXA12007 | GTIN (EAN): 4250702800071
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