CD "About Beauty and Bread Dumplings" Peter Tilch. Chansons.

Peter Tilch, Vocals/Clarinet - Hans Martin Gräbner, Piano - Frank Wittich, Bass -
Thomas Blumensaat, Drums - Stefanie Schumacher, Accordion - Stefan Lang, Trumpet/Flugelhorn - Christina Maria Schauer, Tuba - Steffen Winkler, Guitar/Harmonica ...

Peter Tilch. Von Schönheit und Semmelknödeln. Chansons.

Does thinking make you ugly? Why are some women only beautiful when they sit and why are some men only strong when they stand up? And is there life outside of Bayreuth in summer?
It's these and many other questions to which Peter Tilch wrote his songs on "About Beauty and Bread Dumplings" (Von Schönheit und Semmelknödeln).
Texts full of wit, sparkling irony and unexpected twists connected to a groovy music between jazz, chanson, blues and art songs.

Audio example/Video: "Hörleiden / Hearing Disorder "

CD programme (Tracklist):

Peter Tilch
Von Schönheit und Semmelknödeln. Chansons.

Denken macht hässlich
Des Mannes Ehre
Laß uns gute Freunde bleiben
Heute wiederholen wir die Zukunft
Unsre Politiker, die werden immer schöner
Keine kann wie Du...
Die Rentenversicherung
Handy verlorn
Die Traumfrau
Sein erster eigner Pickel
Der Reset-Button
Die Aufgabe
Sommer in Bayreuth
Semmelknödel, altbayrisch

Peter Tilch: Vocals/Clarinet/Lyrics & Music
Hans Martin Gräbner: Piano/Arrangements
Frank Wittich: Bass
Thomas Blumensaat: Drums
Stefanie Schumacher: Accordion
Stefan Lang: Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Christina Maria Schauer: Tuba
Steffen Winkler: Electric Guitar/Harmonica
Thank you very much: some Members of the Bayreuth Festival Choir at "Sommer in Bayreuth"

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